Flickr album

Flick Album.

This site can generate a looks-like-real photo album for you. What you need to input is your flickr ID name and tag of the photos you want to include in the album. Here’s the one I tried: slide show.

Feed your blog into space

This site is proving a free service to send your blog to the outer space so that maybe your blog can be captured by other possible lifes in the outer space. An interesting idea! And it’s free. I am thinking if there are outer space lifes and they are able to understand our languages, they could have studied us very extensively and deeply. Maybe they are just staring at us, but we cannot see them. :)

Blog software comparison chart

I think this chart is useful for those who are hunting for the most suitable blog software for them. I ever did a simple comparison of three blogwares I am familiar with but definitely this one is more comprehensive and clear.

A cool CSS place

This web site demonstrates many cool stuffs can be done by CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

stu nicholls | the CSS playground

Comments on “Pinyin converter”

Sounds great! I tried the Chinese localization and it works fine. But I think there’s still something to polish in the Chinese localization. For example, under the “Localizaiton” tab, the text on the button is now “搜寻”, but I think maybe “确定” would be better. And “trackback” is widely accepted as “反向链接”, etc. Anyway, it’s not a big deal.

About the pinyin converter, it’s really a good idea. According to what I remember, someone ever suggested to use some letter combination to express the tone. For example, to express the four tones, they use Guo Guor Guoo Guoh, Tang Tarng Taang Tahng, etc. You can find the method is pretty simple that is to do some modifications to the vowel letters. In this way, we can input pinyin with tone quickly. :)

(This is my first try to use trackback to see if everything works well.)

Google toolbar for Firefox

Google Toolbar for Firefox is out and this is what I am waiting for. I uninstalled the old one developed by Mozilla and installed this new one and it looks good (maybe just “familiar” because I have been using Google Toolbar for IE all the time.) Actually only the search form, spelling check and up directory are what I need the most badly.

New look

I decided to change a little to the look of this blog. The new theme, Semiologic, is designed by Denis de Bernardy and I made some minor tweaks to it. “Wuhan“, the last theme I have been using, is also a very nice one but it’s a little bit too grey and it’s not flexible to modify because it uses images to create the round corners. Semiologic has all the features I am looking for from a good theme and still doesn’t lack simplicity. The CMS plugin collection comes with it is also handy to use. So far so good.

Freedom celebration

Watched 4th of July parade and firework show today. The weather was bad, hot for parade and shower for firework. The worse thing is that the firework was postponed for almost one hour and finally came in cold rain. But that’s not bad enough. The worst thing about this event is that nothing is new from last couple years, for both the parade and the firework.

WordPress database backup and restore

I heard from a Chinese blog that it seems blogs hosted by were blocked by China’s “Great Fire Wall”. I am a little bit astonished because is not a large scale BSP at all. Anyway, it happens.

I ever considered to buy web hosting space and domain name to build my own homepage as well as blog. Now I have to consider it again, though the service offered by is unbeatable at this price ($0, thanks JD!). So I just tried to backup the database at and restore it on my local server as a rehearsal. It works well. With phpmyadmin, I can backup the whole database or any of the tables, then restore it by phpmyadmin on my local server. After restore, I need to browse the “options” table and modify the wordpress URI manually. Then I can access http://localhost/wordpress/wp-admin/. A theme needs to be selected if the theme used on is not installed on localhost yet, otherwise the blog will turns out to be empty. After that I have a mirror site of my blog on local.

Ref: Backing Up Your Database at Codex


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