A convenient free tool to post looooong URL’s on BBS and Web: http://tinyurl.com.

Chinese solutions for non-Chinese system

SimpTerm: access Chinese BBS using telnet in non-Chinese Windows systems. No Chinese encoding platform needed.

Chinese Editor: a Chinese (simplified and traditional) text editor in non-Chinese Windows systems. It’s also an alternative Chinese input method by copy/paste. No Chinese encoding platform needed.

Pinyin Star: Chinese input method in non-Chinese Windows systems. You may need a Chinese encoding platform.

All above software don’t need installation and even can be run from external media (floppy disks, flash drives, etc).


Today is my birtyday, the day after the PI day. Actually according to the lunar calendar, I share the same birthday February 19th with Kwan-yin, the famous Bodhisattva in Buddhism.

Happy Birthday to myself!


It’s March, it snows again.


Baby’s heart beat – 1

We heard our baby’s heart beat for the first time today! The heart rate is 170 times per minute, that’s 2.83 Hz. :idea: