RSS reader plug-in for the Becky! 2

Becky! 2 is unquestionably one of the best email clients you can find up to date. I have been a happy Becky! 2 user for years. One of its numerous great features is that end users can write plug-ins to expand its functions. You can find lots of very good plug-ins on the net for free download. And here is another great plug-in I just found out, RSS reader plug-in for Becky! 2. You can download it from the author’s website. This plug-in enables you to read updated news or entries from weblogs that provide RSS feeds right in Becky! 2.

Beautiful day

Blue sky, white cloud and green bud …spring is here.


Figured out how to use RSS to syndicate content from other websites or weblogs in my weblog. You may have noticed I have added some headlines in the left column already. They will be updated automatically as the feeds change. It’s a convenient way to keep an eye on the up-to-date news or other contents I am interested in.

Yaoyao the baby

We decided to assign “Yao Yao (尧尧)” as the nickname to our oncoming baby.


Calligraphic classic

王羲之《兰亭序》:“天下第一行书” 。

Email icon generator

E-Mail Icon Generator

Google blog

Google Blog

Baby kick

Our baby is now very active on quickening. I felt the most powerful kick tonight. :D

Post photos from Flickr to myblogsite directly

1. Set up a new blog in flickr.

2. Select “MetaWeblogAPI Enabled Blog” as the kind.

3. Fill in “” for the “API endpoint”.

4. Fill in your username and password at in the corresponding fields.

5. Confirm your details. Maybe you want to change the label for your recognition in case you have several blogs added and they have the same title.

6. You can select your posting layout from one of the system prepared ones or you can customize by yourself.

7. You are all set and ready to blog your photos in flickr directly. Keep in mind that these posts will also use the default post settings in your blog.

Pros: You don’t need to copy and paste the URL of the photo or photo page to post it in your blog.

Cons: You have to set the photo to be public to post it, you can set it back to private if the URL your posted is for the photo but not the photo page, though. And I haven’t found out a way to post the original photos in this way yet. :(

Remote desktop connection solution

I used VPN of the University to access my office desktop because the default port 3389 for Remote Desktop is blocked by the University firewall for security consideration. I did try to modify the default port according to Microsoft’s instruction but had no luck. The drawback of this method is all my network traffic will go through the VPN server, and I have to start the VPN followed by the Remote Desktop every time. It’s annoying sometimes.

My solution to simplify the connection is 1) setup a socks proxy server running at a port can be accessed from off-campus at my office machine; and 2) run Remote Desktop in sockscap to connect office PC. In this way, only Remote Desktop goes through the socks proxy and all other network applications connect directly from my home PC. In case I need an on-campus IP address to access particular web sites, I can run them in the sockscap.