Five reasons to use TiddlyWiki as a notebook

TiddlyWiki is an innovative, intuitive and versatile tool can be extended to many useful applications. Besides personal WiKi, I found it’s very handy to be a personal notebook. It can be used to record your random thoughts, wild ideas, notes and anything you want to write down on a notepad with a pen. I ever used ATnotes as a notebook as well as an alarm reminder. But it supports plain text only and it’s for local only. Then I used Google Notebook to save materials from the web during research. But it’s saved online so you cannot retrieve it when you are offline. And finally I realized TiddlyWiki is the best tool for me to take notes the other day, when I opened the file that has been saved on my hard drive for couple years.

I think there are several reasons why I think it’s the best notebook tool, at least for myself.

  1. It’s powerful yet simple. Everything is included in a single HTML file and it gets things done. No those fancy bells and whistles, only your content and necessary controls there and they really do the job. It supports all general text formattings, images, links, tables, lists, etc and even inline HTML and custom CSS.
  2. It’s portable. Because everything is in a single HTML file, you can put it either on local computer or remote web server to access from everywhere. You can even put in on a flash drive and bring it with you. As long as there’s a computer with a USB port and a web browser with JavaScript support (actually you can install one on the very same flash drive!), you are ready to go.
  3. It’s versatile. The limit is your imagination. It can be used as a personal WiKi, a weblog, a diary, a project presentation, and yes, a notebook. By changing the main menu and default tiddlers, it can be turned into a nice looking homepage too.
  4. It’s very handy. It supports tags and full text search, that means you can find your old notes very quickly. I just put a link on the Firefox bookmarks bar so I can open the notebook by one click. And after another click, I am ready to input. I also put a copy on my web server in case I want to look it up when I am away from my desk. Handy enough for me.
  5. It’s open source and free. Do I need to say anything more?

Go and grab your copy now.