Digital photo sharing solutions

Here are some programs or services can be used to share or publish your digital photos on the web. They are supposed to be the BEST of its kind among what I have tried and used. But please keep in mind that they are according to my knowledge and up to the date it’s updated. I am sure you can find more much better ones by yourself. In such case, I would highly appreciate if you can tell me by dropping me a line. Thanks a lot!

Gallery: The best online gallery software I have been using for three years. And best of the best, it’s FREE. It’s PHP based so you should have PHP installed on your system and your web server is also PHP enabled. Besides PHP, you also need some image manipulation software such as ImageMagick, netpbm, jhead, jpegtran and unzip etc installed. After they are correctly configured, Gallery rocks! It’s easy to use and very configurable, including the outlooking theme and security. Nowadays, many online commercial photo album providers are using Gallery.

Flickr: Another good online photo album and community with bunch of cool features. For me, the coolest features include various uploading tools and direct link of photos, and you can find out more. Especially for the latter one, I found it’s very convenient and secure to post images on web, blog and BBS, etc. It doesn’t have space limit so far but it does have a monthly upload limit of 10MB 20MB for free accounts. And for the uploading tools, I would highly recommend you try some of them because they are really impressive, e.g., uploading from your Windows XP Explorer, from the web page you are browsing (bookmarklet) or by sending the photos to a secure email address, and they will make your life much easier.

JAlbum: A powerful FREE web photo album generation software. It’s written in Java and uses templates, aka skins, to generate great looking photo albums. High customization is the best feature I like it. You can easily write your own skins with some HTML knowledge. You will need a web host to publish the generated photo albums.

ImageShack: A very unique FREE image hosting service. What you need to do is upload your image and copy the corresponding URL you want to use on the net, including direct link to the original image. You don’t have to register but to get registered does have some benefits, e.g., you can manage your uploaded photos and retrieve the URL’s easily. There’s no limit on image storage but each single image should not be larger than 1024 KB. You can pay to buy credits in order to use ftp access or other approaches to upload multiple images at one time, otherwise you need to upload one by one. ImageShack also provides bookmarlet to upload images from web pages directly. You can also generate simple albums as a registered user but the interface is not neat so I would rather use it as a storage to provide direct linking on web sites or blogs. ImageVenue is another similar provider.

BreezeBrowser: A very good image browser software I have been using for four years. Besides as an image browser, it’s also a powerful template based album generator, a handy RAW converter, and more. It’s not free. It has been written and developed by Chris Breeze and it’s originally for Canon digital cameras so it works with Canon users perfectly. Along with their free Downloader(v1.5 but not the pro version on their web site, I cannot find it there now so maybe it’s discontinued, oops), I find it’s a convenient combination for me to download photos from card reader and browser.

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Free PS plug-in: Dreamy Photo

A handy FREE Photoshop plug-in or stand alone program to creat dreamy photos.

Here is an examples from my testing.



Test for image direct link

This is a test to directly link images from

Yes it works perfectly!