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Search MP3 in Google

It’s pretty cool to search MP3′s using Google. For example, search

"alizee" intitle:index.of mp3 -html -htm -php -asp -txt -pls

in Google will turn back all MP3′s by AlizĂ©e.


A good way to listen to music

It’s radio.blog.club.

Except you can download and install your own radio.blog, you can join the radio.blog.club for FREE. As a club member, you can search your favorite songs by title or artist and add the songs available to your juke.blog by one click. They are saved in your favorites so you can listen to them at any time when you are logged in radio.blog.club. You have the option to play your juke.blog in iTunes or Winamp player. I think this is a good way to search and listen to your favorite music as well as to share yours.

Playlist expanded

Just selected some old songs from my hard disk and ripped them to the playlist. Now there are totally 132 songs, mostly in Chinese. I am going to add more later as I have time. So keep tuned and enjoy.

Traditional Chinese music

Attended a small traditional Chinese music concert tonight. Seven pieces of classical and one newly composed episodes were performed by Music from China Ensemble of New York. The artists performed very well by various musical instruments including erhu, yangqin, dizi, pipa and guzheng.

Seems our baby likes some of the pieces too. :)