Integrate Gallery and WordPress

I finally integrated Gallery with the Blix theme by taking the following link as a reference. It’s not a simple mission to do that, I really hope there will be such a plugin out soon.

Scattered ยป Gallery Integration with Kubrick and WordPress 1.2

Test drive of Gallery2 beta3

I tried Gallery2 beta3 today, though I learned that it’s developed about three years ago. The biggest difference, IMHO, comparing with Gallery1 is it needs database e.g. MySQL to run. The interface also changes quite a lot. I have not tried all the features yet but I feel it’s more powerful than Gallery1 (for sure). But I do feel it’s noticeably slower than Gallery1! I tried both on my localhost so the interference of net traffic can be ignored. I don’t know if it’s caused by the data retrieve from database or not. Anyway, its speed is not satisfactory.