Google toolbar for Firefox

Google Toolbar for Firefox is out and this is what I am waiting for. I uninstalled the old one developed by Mozilla and installed this new one and it looks good (maybe just “familiar” because I have been using Google Toolbar for IE all the time.) Actually only the search form, spelling check and up directory are what I need the most badly.

Firefox security flaw

One of the main reasons to switch to Firefox from IE is that it’s said to be securer. But…Firefox is having vulnerabilities too. Before it’s been fixed (hopefully in the very near future), I think it’s better to stay with IE if you don’t want to disable JavaScript in Firefox.

UPDATE: Firefox 1.0.4 is released for upgrade.

Try to get used to Firefox…

I tried Firefox for several times before but, with no exception, ended up with turning back to IE again. I can see those cool features come with Firefox, and yeah, I like them too. But I find habits just rule you so powerfully sometimes. I use google toolbar a lot in IE and recently cannot live without the spelling check in its beta version, especially when I write in blog or web mails.

And yesterday, when I updated the Firefox installed on my laptop and played around with it by downloading some extensions from Mozilla, I began to realized maybe I should try Firefox seriously for one more time. :) I have found the googlebar for Firefox, the spellchecker and some other cool extensions from Mozilla. And now I am quite comfortable with it, especially some shortcuts to browse with tabs are really made for me! :D And I found Firefox is RSS friendly, this is cool though I seldom use this function.

Seems IE 7 is out soon, let’s see if there will be something really new and innovative in the new version. Having choices is good, anyway.