Little tweak to the theme

I like this theme “Wuhan” but some of its appearance is not what I want it to be. So I just made some little modifications to it:

  • Modified the template files to make it display meta data of each entry on its single post page, archive pages and search result pages.
  • Modified the template files to make it display the whole entry instead of excerpt on archive pages and search result pages.

I do think the original design has its good reason. But I think the modified version fits me better. :)

Migration in progress

I am going to importing my old blog here in the coming days.

UPDATE: migration is done. I hope this will be my primary blog.

P.S., After some trying and comparison, I feel that Blogware is also very powerful and user friendly. But I cannot dig into it at the source level to tweak it. So I feel WP is more suitable for me because I like to play around everything to make it be what I like. :)
Another reason I quit is they don’t allow Chinese-language content on the blog. They remove weblogs with Chinese without advance warning or notice. I feel uncomfortable about that though most of my content is in English.

First post on

This is my first post on Thanks JD!

This is cool. The stream is re-sampled MP3 and the quality is a little bit affected but for online listening, it’s a compromise and acceptable. The interface is quite self-explanatory and easy to use. Click “Radio Blog” from the top nav bar and select one title to enjoy the music right away!

You can have your own too. Visit here.

Import from blogware .xml file to WP

UPDATE: I tried it and it works just fine. But need to modify a little to make the GMT offset works.
Details here:

When importing an rss2 feed I discovered all posts dats were set to GMT time and the offset seemed to be ignored. Found that the values were simply being switched. Made the following changed to lined 148-149 in import-rss.php

148: switch variables
DATE_ADD(‘$post_date’, INTERVAL ‘$add_hours:$add_minutes’ HOUR_MINUTE)

149: replace
DATE_ADD(‘$post_date’, INTERVAL ‘$add_hours:$add_minutes’ HOUR_MINUTE)

Quoted from

I just got it to work. There seems to be two problems:

1. The import-rss.php file is looking for a or type of tag.

2. The excerpts that Blogware exports seems to be problematic. The import-rss.php file *seems* to read in the title, date, etc that it wants and then assumes the rest is the actual entry. Not true in Blogware’s case – the excerpt comes before the body.

To solve problem 1:

In the import-rss.php file, find the line that says:

preg_match_all(‘|(.*?)|is’, $importdata, $posts);
and change it to:
preg_match_all(‘|(.*?)|is’, $importdata, $posts);

To solve problem 2:

Find the line that says:
preg_match(‘|(.*?)|is’, $post, $content);
and change to to read:
preg_match(‘|(.*?)|is’, $post, $content);

I also changed the line that said:

preg_match(‘| (.*?)|is’, $post, $date);
preg_match(‘| (.*?)|is’, $post, $date);

But I’m not sure that was required.

With respect to point number 1: This will only import your articles. If you have photos, reviews, whatever else, then you will have to manually change the to and then run it again. Then change it to and run it again..and so on until all your different post types are imported.

There is syntax to tell preg_match() to look for


BlogJet is a very handy blog client software enables you to post to almost all kinds of blogs. You can download a trial version from the homepage. I tried it and found it’s pretty good but the big drawback is its support of Chinese title is too bad. I tried with Blogger, Blogware and WordPress and ends up with no luck. :( If you only write English posts on your blog, you gotta try it.


I tried several weblogs powered by different blogwares and here is some of my experience.

WordPress: Very powerful if you have your web server supplied with PHP and MySQL database to run it. But I found very few free ones powered by WP and Blogsome is one of them. If you want to test drive or want to apply for a free account, try here.

Blogware: Very powerful and easy to configure. Myblogsie is the one provides free blogware based weblog service. I would highly recommend Blogware based weblogs because it’s as powerful as WordPress but you need more knowledge about HTML, CSS, etc to play around the latter very well. To edit the layout by drag and drop style, RSS headlines, web pages generation, and user management etc are very cool features come with Blogware.

Blogger ( Very easy to use but short at features. It’s suitalbe for entry level bloggers to warm up. The features I like include the possibility to edit template and publish blogs to external FTP server. And now you can post photos from your computer to blogger directly with Hello and blogger provides unlimited (?) image hosting space. This is very attractive to users who are seeking an easy way to establish their photoblogs.

Here is a very good blog about blog, How to Blog.

Post photos from Flickr to myblogsite directly

1. Set up a new blog in flickr.

2. Select “MetaWeblogAPI Enabled Blog” as the kind.

3. Fill in “” for the “API endpoint”.

4. Fill in your username and password at in the corresponding fields.

5. Confirm your details. Maybe you want to change the label for your recognition in case you have several blogs added and they have the same title.

6. You can select your posting layout from one of the system prepared ones or you can customize by yourself.

7. You are all set and ready to blog your photos in flickr directly. Keep in mind that these posts will also use the default post settings in your blog.

Pros: You don’t need to copy and paste the URL of the photo or photo page to post it in your blog.

Cons: You have to set the photo to be public to post it, you can set it back to private if the URL your posted is for the photo but not the photo page, though. And I haven’t found out a way to post the original photos in this way yet. :(