Flickr widget

Flickr widget, one of Yahoo! Widgets (formerly Konfabulator Widgets), is a handy tool to display your or others’ Flickr photos on your desktop in a very elegant manner, and more. Besides your own photos, it can also display photos from your favorites, your sets, your groups and your contacts. What’s more, it’s also a very powerful tool to upload photos to Flickr and this is what I like the best. First of all, it is capable of batch upload by drag-and-drop. Though Flickr provides a fancy AJAX-ized upload form, I think what this widget provides is much better and intuitive. And, it also allows you to edit basic information such as title, description, tags, privacy, etc. You can even post photos to your sets, groups, or even your blog directly. All these are in a very beautiful interface right on your desktop.

To give it a try, you need:

  • have Yahoo! Widgets engine installed;
  • have Flickr widget installed, and
  • a Flickr account.

Google Reader theme

Google Reader is my favorite daily online RSS reader, and it’s getting better and better recently. Some of the new features just added include a nice search box (finally!) and some small improvements. But what I am not satisfied is its somewhat boring and long-time-no-change user interface.

There were some tweaks to Google Reader’s interface and I tried some but none of them satisfied me until recently I found this one: OS X Style Google Reader by Jon Hicks. As the name tells, it mimics the Mac OS X look to Google Reader. I feel this one is better than Google Reader’s default appearance by removing some items and changing fonts and colors. In order to install this style, you need to install the Stylish extension for Firefox, then load the script into Stylish. After all the installations, reload Google Reader and you will see the difference! You can find more styles for Google Reader here.

UPDATE: Google Reader just graduated from Google Labs and now is official.

Logged in two accounts in one browser

Normally I use one Google account, one Yahoo! account, one Flickr account, etc, for daily web activities. But sometimes I do need to login another account, for example, my AdSense account which is different from my primary Google account, or another Flickr account that’s reserved exclusively for my daughter, etc. Firefox remembers my password so I don’t need to login every time when I open the browser. But if I want to switch between different accounts, I have to logout then login again. That’s a simple task but sometimes it’s boring.

Here’s a little tip, which I realized when I use the IE Tab extension for Firefox, to solve this problem very well. The IE Tab extension essentially uses Internet Explorer (IE) to render a web page in a Firefox tab. So it mimics two browsers in one browser window. What I do is open an IE Tab and login another account and it does not influence my always-logged-in account at all. It’s that simple. Of course, you can open two or more browsers if you like, but this is a neater manner I believe.