Create your own browser toolbar

Create your own browser toolbar in several simple steps. You can add your personalized links or RSS feeds on it and share with others. Interesting idea. Click the link below to create your own brand now.

My favorite freebies

FREE does not mean “not good”, sometimes it only means “not perfect enough”.

  • Email: Gmail. It simply rocks and totally changes my email using habit, especially my attitude toward web mail. I believe it’s not perfect yet because it’s still in “beta” stage.
  • Photo sharing: Flickr. Another “beta” service, but it stands out and blows those not-beta-and-even-not-free services away.
  • Online album: Gallery. I have been using this great software for about five years and its neat layout and robustness satisfies me a lot.
  • Blogware: WordPress. This blog is running on it.
  • Online RSS reader: Bloglines. The first one on my browser’s quick links.
  • Browser: FireFox. After several “to change or not to change (from IE)” rounds, I finally dumped IE. FireFox with Tabbrowser Preferences and other nicely written extensions surely make me one of the happy FireFox users.
  • Social bookmarks: Now even there’s a FireFox extension for it.
  • DNS: ZoneEdit. Their free DNS service just makes things done perfectly. I used their service for two weeks before I finally moved my DNS records to my hosting company, and I was impressed by their efficient service and extremely simple configurations. Besides, their nslookup service is neat too.
  • Online notebook: Google Notebook. It’s a handy tool to record contents, including pictures, on a web page being visited. With the firefox extension, it’s a click away.

A cool software

Magic Map
This software is pretty cool. You input a telephone number then it will output name, detailed address and even map! Give it a try and you will be impressed.

It’s now

Happy New Year! My blog is now running on, my personal domain name. The subdomain for this blog is

UPDATE: Because WordPress is not so friendly with subdomain, I am going to keep the URL of the blog as, however will still work, i.e., take you to my blog and all links leading by will work well too.