Long weekend

I spent the Memorial Day long weekend on migrating my baby’s blog from Blogger to WordPress following this guide, and also established a photoblog using pixelpost. Pixelpost is a very good tool to make pohtoblog and it’s theme compatible. I downloaded one from pixelpost homepage and tweaked it to fit my own taste. And I also found a plugin to include the thumbnail of the latest photo from pixelpost in WordPress. I think this is a cool way to combine both blogs very well.

UPDATE: Just found a nice addon to include the latest thumbnail from pixelpost on other web site using HTML but not PHP.

Test drive of Gallery2 beta3

I tried Gallery2 beta3 today, though I learned that it’s developed about three years ago. The biggest difference, IMHO, comparing with Gallery1 is it needs database e.g. MySQL to run. The interface also changes quite a lot. I have not tried all the features yet but I feel it’s more powerful than Gallery1 (for sure). But I do feel it’s noticeably slower than Gallery1! I tried both on my localhost so the interference of net traffic can be ignored. I don’t know if it’s caused by the data retrieve from database or not. Anyway, its speed is not satisfactory.

Out-of-box package to experience web server and blog

Just read a guide at UrbanGiraffe to establish your own web server on Windows PC with PHP and MySql database installed. This is a very good package if you want to try your own web server and/or your own weblog but don’t want to handle the hassels of installing and configuring PHP and MySql. I tried it on my home PC and installed WordPress just like a breeze.

Upgraded to WP

I just upgraded WordPress to its latest version following this guide. It’s pretty easy and very smooth if you have backuped all the files you have modified, e.g., themes, plugins and files in the wp-admin folder. So far it’s working well and I have not found any changes yet, except the green bars on the activated theme and plugins. :) Hope everything is fine.

Google personalized homepage

Google personalized homepage is something like My Yahoo! but comes in a Google style. I feel it’s more “personalized” and neater than its competitors. If you are addicted to Google, you got to try it.

Buddha’s birthday

Today is Buddha’s Birthday, Apr 8th lunar calendar.

Since 1997, Buddha’s Birthday has been a public holiday in Hong Kong SAR. It replaced Queen’s Birthday, which is a public holiday before Hong Kong was handed over. There are a lot of public holidays in Hong Kong, including both Chinese traditional feasts such as Chong Yang, Qing Ming, Duan Wu, etc and western ones such as Christmas and Easter. Hong Kong has the mixture of culture from both Eastern and Western, so are its holidays.

This photo was taken on Buddha’s Birthday in 2001 in Hong Kong. This is the largest outdoor Buddha statue in the world. You can find some flare around Buddha’s head, it’s not caused by the bright sky, it’s the low cloud instead. :) It’s also because the base of the statue is also very high.

Here’s another photo I took on the same day. This is the temple where the statue is located. You can see the cloud is really low.

Search MP3 in Google

It’s pretty cool to search MP3′s using Google. For example, search

"alizee" intitle:index.of mp3 -html -htm -php -asp -txt -pls

in Google will turn back all MP3′s by Alizée.


Early bird

对于多年来已经习惯了晚睡晚起的我,在周末的早晨早起做“early bird”实在是一件困难的事。不过为了尧尧瑶瑶,今天还是强打精神起了个早,去为她搜罗一些价廉物美的好东西。对照着地图开车和尧妈一连转了几个“车库卖场”,而且出发时天空还细雨绵绵,不过收获还是非常不错的,满载而归。
看来做“早鸟”是有道理的,确实有虫子吃。古训诚不吾欺也。 :)

Firefox security flaw

One of the main reasons to switch to Firefox from IE is that it’s said to be securer. But…Firefox is having vulnerabilities too. Before it’s been fixed (hopefully in the very near future), I think it’s better to stay with IE if you don’t want to disable JavaScript in Firefox.

UPDATE: Firefox 1.0.4 is released for upgrade.

Flickr tools

Many flickr tools are collected on this site: