Out-of-box package to experience web server and blog

Just read a guide at UrbanGiraffe to establish your own web server on Windows PC with PHP and MySql database installed. This is a very good package if you want to try your own web server and/or your own weblog but don’t want to handle the hassels of installing and configuring PHP and MySql. I tried it on my home PC and installed WordPress just like a breeze.

Upgraded to WP

I just upgraded WordPress to its latest version following this guide. It’s pretty easy and very smooth if you have backuped all the files you have modified, e.g., themes, plugins and files in the wp-admin folder. So far it’s working well and I have not found any changes yet, except the green bars on the activated theme and plugins. :) Hope everything is fine.

Google personalized homepage

Google personalized homepage is something like My Yahoo! but comes in a Google style. I feel it’s more “personalized” and neater than its competitors. If you are addicted to Google, you got to try it.

Search MP3 in Google

It’s pretty cool to search MP3′s using Google. For example, search

"alizee" intitle:index.of mp3 -html -htm -php -asp -txt -pls

in Google will turn back all MP3′s by Alizée.


Firefox security flaw

One of the main reasons to switch to Firefox from IE is that it’s said to be securer. But…Firefox is having vulnerabilities too. Before it’s been fixed (hopefully in the very near future), I think it’s better to stay with IE if you don’t want to disable JavaScript in Firefox.

UPDATE: Firefox 1.0.4 is released for upgrade.

Flickr tools

Many flickr tools are collected on this site:

Google web accelerator

It’s Google again! Google Web Accelerator beta was released days ago. It’s a big news and sparks privacy fears in the community. On the other hand, GWA can also be used as a super proxy and seems the techniques Google uses break through some “powerful” firewalls!

Little tweak to the theme

I like this theme “Wuhan” but some of its appearance is not what I want it to be. So I just made some little modifications to it:

  • Modified the template files to make it display meta data of each entry on its single post page, archive pages and search result pages.
  • Modified the template files to make it display the whole entry instead of excerpt on archive pages and search result pages.

I do think the original design has its good reason. But I think the modified version fits me better. :)

Giga Yahoo! mail

Today Yahoo! upgraded my Yahoo! Mail storage to 1GB, finally. Big mailbox is good, but it arrives just too late. Gmail was born with 1GB and now it’s still growing. I like Gmail more not just because of its large mail box storage, but the innovative idea in every piece of this great service. In fact, I registered my Yahoo! Mail account about ten years ago and it satisfied me very well, until Gmail appeared.

Well, having choices is good. Yahoo! Mail is good, Gmail is better.

A good way to listen to music

It’s radio.blog.club.

Except you can download and install your own radio.blog, you can join the radio.blog.club for FREE. As a club member, you can search your favorite songs by title or artist and add the songs available to your juke.blog by one click. They are saved in your favorites so you can listen to them at any time when you are logged in radio.blog.club. You have the option to play your juke.blog in iTunes or Winamp player. I think this is a good way to search and listen to your favorite music as well as to share yours.