I tried several weblogs powered by different blogwares and here is some of my experience.

WordPress: Very powerful if you have your web server supplied with PHP and MySQL database to run it. But I found very few free ones powered by WP and Blogsome is one of them. If you want to test drive or want to apply for a free account, try here.

Blogware: Very powerful and easy to configure. Myblogsie is the one provides free blogware based weblog service. I would highly recommend Blogware based weblogs because it’s as powerful as WordPress but you need more knowledge about HTML, CSS, etc to play around the latter very well. To edit the layout by drag and drop style, RSS headlines, web pages generation, and user management etc are very cool features come with Blogware.

Blogger ( Very easy to use but short at features. It’s suitalbe for entry level bloggers to warm up. The features I like include the possibility to edit template and publish blogs to external FTP server. And now you can post photos from your computer to blogger directly with Hello and blogger provides unlimited (?) image hosting space. This is very attractive to users who are seeking an easy way to establish their photoblogs.

Here is a very good blog about blog, How to Blog.

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