Remote desktop connection solution

I used VPN of the University to access my office desktop because the default port 3389 for Remote Desktop is blocked by the University firewall for security consideration. I did try to modify the default port according to Microsoft’s instruction but had no luck. The drawback of this method is all my network traffic will go through the VPN server, and I have to start the VPN followed by the Remote Desktop every time. It’s annoying sometimes.

My solution to simplify the connection is 1) setup a socks proxy server running at a port can be accessed from off-campus at my office machine; and 2) run Remote Desktop in sockscap to connect office PC. In this way, only Remote Desktop goes through the socks proxy and all other network applications connect directly from my home PC. In case I need an on-campus IP address to access particular web sites, I can run them in the sockscap.

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