Pogoplug and Raspberry Pi


Pogoplug POGO-E02, my very cheap ($17) home file server. I installed Debian Linux and Samba on a flash drive, a 2TB hard disk derive is attached to it via USB so I can stream music and movies to any computers in my home network: HTPC, laptop, iPad and iPhone. With PHP, MySQL and Cherokee (a light-weight, very fast web server) it can do more than a file server but I will keep it as a file server exclusively considering its horsepower. And it only consumes about 3W power.


This tiny computer, Raspberry Pi model B, performs surprisingly well on streaming and playing videos, even HD ones. I installed Raspbmc , a nice integration of Debian and XBMC (my favorite media center application!), then it becomes a little media player attached to a bedroom TV. An old Linksys router flashed with Tomato firmware working in bridge mode is used to provide network access. A pc-remote is used to remote control the XMBC as I always do with my HTPC.


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