Logged in two accounts in one browser

Normally I use one Google account, one Yahoo! account, one Flickr account, etc, for daily web activities. But sometimes I do need to login another account, for example, my AdSense account which is different from my primary Google account, or another Flickr account that’s reserved exclusively for my daughter, etc. Firefox remembers my password so I don’t need to login every time when I open the browser. But if I want to switch between different accounts, I have to logout then login again. That’s a simple task but sometimes it’s boring.

Here’s a little tip, which I realized when I use the IE Tab extension for Firefox, to solve this problem very well. The IE Tab extension essentially uses Internet Explorer (IE) to render a web page in a Firefox tab. So it mimics two browsers in one browser window. What I do is open an IE Tab and login another account and it does not influence my always-logged-in account at all. It’s that simple. Of course, you can open two or more browsers if you like, but this is a neater manner I believe.

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