Feed aggregation in WordPress

During last weekend, I had an idea to aggregate the feeds from my daughter’s baby friends’ blogs and flickr photos into her blog so that we don’t have to visit them one by one. Though I can read the updates in Bloglines but it’s neat to put them together. After doing some search (salut Google!), I implemented this solution:

  1. Use Gregarius to aggregate all the feeds.
  2. Use rss2html free script to generate HTML code in a WordPress page.
  3. Use the phpexec plugin for WordPress to make PHP run inside a WordPress page possible.

Besides, I use cron job to make Gregarius update the feeds at a fixed time interval, say, every 2 hours.

This solution turns out to work very well. Gregarius is essentially a very good open source feeds aggregator and it can be used as a stand alone feeds reader on your own server. The free rss2html script just does what the name tells, and its simple template supported feature is very nice to format output style.

I also tried another WordPress plugin aggregated blog feeds and found it does similar things in a much simpler manner. But it strips all images in messages and I didn’t find an option to enable it. If only titles or abstracts are what you need for feed aggregation in WordPress, you gotta give it a try.

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