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Sounds great! I tried the Chinese localization and it works fine. But I think there’s still something to polish in the Chinese localization. For example, under the “Localizaiton” tab, the text on the button is now “搜寻”, but I think maybe “确定” would be better. And “trackback” is widely accepted as “反向链接”, etc. Anyway, it’s not a big deal.

About the pinyin converter, it’s really a good idea. According to what I remember, someone ever suggested to use some letter combination to express the tone. For example, to express the four tones, they use Guo Guor Guoo Guoh, Tang Tarng Taang Tahng, etc. You can find the method is pretty simple that is to do some modifications to the vowel letters. In this way, we can input pinyin with tone quickly. :)

(This is my first try to use trackback to see if everything works well.)

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  1. Trackback working fine!

    I definatley know that there are still some problems with the Chinese localization. The program used to manage it, poEdit, seems to have problems with certain combinations of characters and reports them as errors, preventing it being saved. Have to wait until the bug in the program is fixed.

    Your suggestions have been included, thanks.

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