WordPress database backup and restore

I heard from a Chinese blog that it seems blogs hosted by weblogs.us were blocked by China’s “Great Fire Wall”. I am a little bit astonished because weblogs.us is not a large scale BSP at all. Anyway, it happens.

I ever considered to buy web hosting space and domain name to build my own homepage as well as blog. Now I have to consider it again, though the service offered by weblogs.us is unbeatable at this price ($0, thanks JD!). So I just tried to backup the database at weblogs.us and restore it on my local server as a rehearsal. It works well. With phpmyadmin, I can backup the whole database or any of the tables, then restore it by phpmyadmin on my local server. After restore, I need to browse the “options” table and modify the wordpress URI manually. Then I can access http://localhost/wordpress/wp-admin/. A theme needs to be selected if the theme used on weblogs.us is not installed on localhost yet, otherwise the blog will turns out to be empty. After that I have a mirror site of my blog on local.

Ref: Backing Up Your Database at WordPress.org Codex

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  1. 如果是这样的话,别人还是看不到你的blog啊。。。

  2. 是的。我备份和恢复是为了将来我换地方时知道怎么操作而已。

  3. Thanks for the information. This is very useful

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