A hot weekend

I really have not updated this blog for some while. Seems I was not too busy nor too lazy, but I just felt there’s nothing special or new to post and share with the possible readers.

We ran out to watch the movie “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” during this weekend. The movie is okay, maybe a little bit less than what I expected. The cast is good, and some gossip news makes it more famous (I assume you know what I am saying). I personally would prefer this movie as a marriage comedy more. The dramatics are turned out in a way of war, however. It’s not totally my preferred style though.

I spent one or two hours last night to configure the Gallery v1 on this site. I have been a loyal user of it and I still think it’s one of the best album software out of there. So I just make a copy here in case I want to use it for my new photos, including my baby’s of course.

This weekend is really hot here in mid-west. Hope it will be cooler next week so we can also save some bucks on our bill. :P

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