Long time no update

Actually it’s only about one week. But the truth is one week is not a short time in network era. Things just change so fast even by seconds.

Well, it’s already June. It’s very hot here in Midwest these days since last weekend. So the summer is right here and the short short spring just disappears in no time, whew.

My baby is going to join us in less than 100 days. Yes, that’s really exciting! We just cannot help waiting to see what she looks like. We have prepared most of the stuff for her coming. And today her first box of diapers just arrived. :) We are just running a weblog for her and I have also prepared a photo album for baby photos, though that’s still a little bit early. I also built a photoblog to record those coming precious moments in my life, also in my wife and my baby girl’s. All these will have their links here soon.

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