Buddha’s birthday

Today is Buddha’s Birthday, Apr 8th lunar calendar.

Since 1997, Buddha’s Birthday has been a public holiday in Hong Kong SAR. It replaced Queen’s Birthday, which is a public holiday before Hong Kong was handed over. There are a lot of public holidays in Hong Kong, including both Chinese traditional feasts such as Chong Yang, Qing Ming, Duan Wu, etc and western ones such as Christmas and Easter. Hong Kong has the mixture of culture from both Eastern and Western, so are its holidays.

This photo was taken on Buddha’s Birthday in 2001 in Hong Kong. This is the largest outdoor Buddha statue in the world. You can find some flare around Buddha’s head, it’s not caused by the bright sky, it’s the low cloud instead. :) It’s also because the base of the statue is also very high.

Here’s another photo I took on the same day. This is the temple where the statue is located. You can see the cloud is really low.

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